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On-the-Go Travel Wash Kit

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This no waste travel kit offers you a great selection of products to easily pack and try out a few new natural spa products. Why not have it as an emergency kit in the car or your desk drawer at work!

Available in 2 scents Fresh (Spearmint Eucalyptus) or Floral (Rose Lavender Grapefruit)

Includes 2 x 15 g soaps,  1 x 15 g Mini Shampoo,  1 x 15 g Mini Conditioner, 1 x Organic Cotton Wash Cloth  and 1 x Aluminum Travel Tin


About the No-Waste Packaging:

1. The soaps are packaged Naked you can identify them as being rectangular

2. The conditioner is also packaged naked this is a small square

3. The shampoo is packaged in a small manilla envelope - this can be composted after use

4. Aluminium tin is curbside recyclable - but even better useful to reuse

5. Organic cotton face cloth will compost

6. Paper label uses compost safe inks so pop in the compost heap

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