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Mommy & Me Shirt Set - Infant

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Adult t-shirt size
Infant onesie size

These adorable mommy and me matching shirt/onesies are a perfect reminder of the joy our children bring to our life!  T-shirt/onesies are sold as a set.


Choose from two quotes:

"Focus on the good" and "the good"

"I'll keep you safe" and "I'll keep you wild"

"Find beauty in the small things"  and "small thing"


Our T-Shirts and onesies are 100% cotton, high quality and super comfy. Made with top of the line vinyl and pressed with a professional grade heat press.  T-shirts and onesies are Machine washable & dryer safe (Recommend washing inside out and if using dryer, use a low heat setting).

How to Order:

1. Choose Adult size t-shirt

2. Choose Infant size onesie

3. Choose quote


T-shirt and onesies are made in the colours shown in pictures but please feel free to reach out if you would like to make a change.

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