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Lanyard: Fully Beaded

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Our Fully Beaded Lanyards are the perfect every day accessory to dress up your work ID! The 2 heart beads, 8 mm wooden beads and octagonal bead can all be used with essential oils.
Available to be customized with several colour combinations not shown. Reach out to us to design a lanyard you will love!
The bronze clasp allows for easy attachment of your badge. Check out our available charms to further customize your lanyard.

Lanyard measures 30 in /76 cm in length. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I was very pleased to receive my lanyard and a wonderful free gift. There was also a nice card with a variety of self care activities - a good reminder to look after myself, something I often neglect as I put everyone around me first - my patients, my family, friends, people in the community... I come last. I will put it in my notebook as a bookmark and this way I will see it every day! Thank you so much again <3

Verena Kuret
Perfect work accessory!

I love my new lanyard. I’ve been getting lots of compliments on it! It’s beautifully made and comfortable to wear.

Dr. Balaban
Handmade and absolutely gorgeous!

In love with my new pink lanyard! It is gorgeous and beautifully hand-made. Brightens up my daily scrubs. Can’t wait to gift these to all my healthcare friends. You will love your lanyard !

Makes a great gift

I gifted a lanyard to a friend - she loved the design and craftsmanship - simple but so meaningful!

R Dosanjh

What a wonderful reminder of what matters. A simple, beautiful lanyard of self love & much needed healing in our day to day.

Self Care is Self Love

Check out our collection of essential oil roll ons! Perfect for unwinding or relieving stress after a long day

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