Move your body with Cara Metz

My name is Cara Metz, a personal trainer and online fitness expert with over 25years experience, having trained 100’s of women with my methods. Prior to having my children, I was also an Open to the World British Latin Dance Champion.

I specialize in women moving into midlife, perimenopause and menopause. The reason for this is because at almost 48 I wanted to arm myself with as much knowledge as possible so as not to experience the terrible time my mother went through during menopause. This knowledge I found fascinating and felt I needed to share what I had learned.

Primarily women come to me to workout, but I soon came to realise that the crux of most of their problems comes down to mindset, feeling overwhelmed, tiredness, stress that are all exacerbated by poor nutrition. My workouts are not daunting or scary as they are only 15 minutes. Those who have not worked out for a while or ever, I offer, 5 and 10 minute beginner workouts. My main aim is to convince every woman that consistency is key. A 5, 10 or 15 minute workout a day is all you need and to not beat yourself up if you have a bad day just crack back on the following day!

Life is too short to deprive ourselves, cut out food groups, count calories or weigh ourselves. I work by the 80/20 rule, eat a balanced diet and workout most of the time but we have the wiggle room for date nights, celebrations, holidays and having a rubbish day. Life happens, having a strict lifestyle is for athletes not for real women.


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Move your body with Cara Metz
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