"The Nurturing Table" Dinner Series

When we re-connected over instagram it was a big part due to recognizing how each of us love to host gatherings to bring people together.  

In the late summer of 2021, we first starting talking about the idea of hosting a dinner together. This wouldn't be an easy feat as our homes are a 5 hour drive (with a border crossing!) from each other, but we loved the idea and we were determined to make it happen!

We decided to host our first event in Kelowna, BC in December 2021.  We invited 6 other women to share the experience with us with the hope of bonding over amazing food and drink, sharing experiences and empowering each other.  We gathered around a beautifully decorated table in a home of a friend who so graciously offered her space for the evening. The food was catered by a local cook at it exceeded all of our expectations!  After getting to know each other better over dinner a spontaneous kitchen dance party ensued, lasting into the early hours of the night.  The night exceeded our expectations!

The dinner also served to generate funds to a local charity (Mamas for Mamas, Kelowna Branch) and through generous donations we were able to donate $1600!

The following morning when we reflected on the evening we knew that this was something we wanted to do again and it was one of the driving forces for creating Nurture and Bloom!

We are excited that we will be hosting a "Nurturing Table" dinner on September 10th, 2022 in Cloverdale, BC at Clover 67.  In addition to the 5 course dinner, Dr. Renee Fernandez will be talking about "The Power of Relationships", a silent auction will be held with the opportunity to bid on some amazing products and a portion of all sales will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Disaster Relief.

Several people have already reached out about wanting to host a "Nurturing Table" in their city and planning has been started for one to be done in Calgary in the spring of 2023.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about "The Nurturing Table" or if you are interested in having one in your hometown!

"The Nurturing Table" Dinner Series
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