Brenda's Favourite Book List!

I don't know about you, but I find a hard time to actually read a book.
What do I do? Well, I download an audiobook and listen to it while I am out for my morning run.
It's been transformative for me; getting the physical exercise and some mental stimulation at the same time. 
These are a few of my (Brenda's) favourite (audio)books:
1. 101 essays to change the way you think (Brianna West)
2. Grit (Angela Duckworth)
3. Atomic Habits (James Clear)
4. The mountain is you (Brianna West)
5. The high 5 habit (Mel Robbins)
6. The 5 second rule (Mel Robbins)
7. How to change (Katy Milkman)
8. We are all perfectly fine (Jillian Horton)
9. The gifts of imperfection (Brene Brown)
10. Rising Strong (Brene Brown)
And I can't wait to read our female MD Jessica Nichol's new book “My Final Thoughts on Family Medicine”
Catch her on our blog tomorrow and her book will be available at CWIM June 2-5 in Victoria!
Brenda's Favourite Book List!
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