Writing as a form of Self-Care (Introducing Dr. Jessica Mitchell)

Writing can be both a creative and therapeutic outlet. Some individuals have such a talent to be able to weave words together in a way that makes you laugh, causes you to pause and reflect or brings tears to your eyes.  We are happy to be able to provide you with a small glimpse into the book of an amazing writer, Dr. Jessica Mitchell.

Jessica is a family physician who practices medicine in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She describes her path to medicine as “the long way around” having worked first as a paramedic before deciding to go to medical school.  She did her medical school training in England before returning to Canada, to complete her family medicine residency at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario.  She is happily married to her “Brit Husband” and has two boys (age 8 and 13) whose brains blow her away and whose armpits smell like they are actively trying to angrily die while attached to them!

We connected with Jessica over a Facebook group for female physicians. We have always enjoyed reading her posts as she has a great sense of humour and her funny posts are just what you need to read after a busy and challenging day in medicine.  Her colourful narrative allows the reader to vividly imagine what she is describing, as if you are standing beside her and experiencing it simultaneously.  While her sense of humour shines through her writing, she also has a wonderful ability to beautifully capture serious and sensitive topics as well.  Her choice of words perfect compliment the emotions she is writing about and often tug at your heart strings. 

One of our favourite short stories written by Jessica is entitled,  “My Final Thoughts on Family Medicine”.  It is included as the final story in Jessica’s recently published book and in our opinion is the perfect ending to a must read book. We both had tears in our eyes as we read it, so sit down, grab a box of tissue and enjoy!


“My Finals Thoughts on Family Medicine”

What you might not know about your family doctor is that you, as our patients, become weaved into the essence of our daily work and home life.  

Your stories and worries, and happiness and fears, become what our lives work purpose is about.  

We wish well for you.  And when you fall, we hope we provide you the help to get back up yourself. Or that we can carry you until you make it on your own. 

At night while making dinner (microwave…let’s keep this real), as we glance at our son smiling across the room, we might in that moment think about your son too. How he shines in a different way, how his struggles are some I see in my own home.  And how I hope, in the end he will find his way again.  

When my husband flips me the bird and then smiles in a naughty way, your grandmother’s eyes play before mine. Her saucy saucy ways.  The way she swears cause she knows it will bring out a reaction in me.  And because mostly, she doesn’t get those reactions anymore.  I see her loneliness in the eyes of my son, as he navigates life being a teen.  

So In each story you give us.  Each secret we keep for you. Each plan we build together to keep you happy and well and safe, there is the heaviness of impending failure. What if we let you down, what if treatments don’t work. What if there’s nothing left to do.   What if you don’t chose the path I would for you? 

And this weaved narrative from all of these souls we see becomes like a blanket we carry.  Working toward keeping us all warm and well sheltered. But often so so heavy to carry.  

And when you pass. We feel thankful that every lesson you shared, every time you made us a better practitioner and every secret you gave to us to hold, remains in ourselves to gift on through care to the next patient. 

You live on in many people when you pass.  

To my patients, I am one of them.  Thank you for trusting me with your body and mind.  

To the passing of someone I was growing to know. I hope you soar through your next journey.


Her book has rave reviews from anyone who has read it!!  Make sure once you pick it up you have time set aside to read, because you won’t want to put it down!

Jessica will be attending CWIM virtually in June 2022 BUT we will be selling her books at our booth (#15). Stop by and grab a copy!  We look forward to meeting you!

Additionally, Here are links to purchase Jessica’s book “The Doctor is In/Curable” online:








Writing as a form of Self-Care (Introducing Dr. Jessica Mitchell)
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