Introducing Nemylu- "Sustainable Gifting"

We are so excited to introduce you to Lindsay, the founder of Nemylu, an amazing Canadian company which has created gorgeous eco-friendly gift boxes.  We both own a set of these beautiful boxes and absolutely love using them to wrap gifts!

Below Lindsay introduces herself, describes the driving force behind creating Nemylu (by the way this is the cutest name which is a combination of her daughters' names: Nemaya and Talulah) and her mission.

“It only makes sense that I started my business NemyLu Giftware, a plastic free & alternative way to wrap gifts. Hi! My name is Lindsay, an eco conscious mom and serious chocolate addict from Victoria, BC. I truly despise single use plastics, and cringe when I see the amount of waste created by these “throw away” items. However, I overlooked the waste we create when we wrap gifts! The plastic gift bags, the shiny wrapping paper, the foil coated gift boxes…most of it is not recyclable and all of it eventually ends up in the trash. I never really noticed until I had kids, and Christmas mornings became a living room wasteland! Now I design reusable gift boxes, which can wrap gifts for various occasions throughout the year without creating any added waste! They also fold flat for storage, a MUST for an ex-Vancouverite used to living in 500 sqft of space. My hope is to see our line of reusable giftware items grow, and to explore even more sustainable materials for production. Thank you for taking an interest in NemyLu, and if you already own one of our gift boxes, thank you for making this small yet powerful change in the way you wrap your gifts!”

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Introducing Nemylu- "Sustainable Gifting"
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