It's time to love yourself. Respect yourself. Admire yourself. Forgive yourself. Accept yourself. Nurture yourself. Today is the day.


Our interest in the wellbeing of women was the force behind us creating Nurture & Bloom.  We engage fellow women, providing a safe platform for motivation and empowerment.  We love to create quality and personalized products and resources that will elevate your daily work and home life.  We host dinners and retreats where we all can connect, share and grow.

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The Nurturing Table

The Nurturing Table is a series of intimate and exclusive dinners where female health care workers can gather to encourage and foster collaborative relationships, embrace the diversity and strength of women and raise donations to support local charities.

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  • Yoga for a more mindful life

    For an increased focus on personal wellbeing, try out a yoga class with Naminder, a female physician who found her passion for yoga.

    Free Class 
  • Move your body with Cara

    Cara Metz, a personal trainer and online fitness expert with over 25 years experience, has trained 100’s of women. Her main goal is to convince every woman that consistency is key!

    15 Minute Workout 
  • Nutrition by Kristin

    Kristin is a Registered Dietitian based out of Kelowna, BC. She owns and operates Nutrition By Kristin where she offers virtual nutrition counselling services to individuals across British Columbia.

    Turkey Lettuce Wraps